How We Work

photo_2019-01-01_23-37-48Every writer brings a different perspective to a story, but not everyone is as good at their craft as Lingoease.

With so much web content being produced every single second, the competition is at its peak. Oh, and did we mention that an average person’s attention span lasts only 5 to 8 seconds? So, to keep the audience engaged with your content, you’ve got no other option than to stand out. No, we are not trying to scare you! It’s the fact that concerns the best content marketers!

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered on this! Our content writing strategy is laid out in such a way that we end up producing content that hooks the customer right from the first line and always leaves them wanting more. Here is a sneak peek into the process that we follow to produce high-quality content that converts leads into customers (Read RECURRING CUSTOMERS)!

Dig Deeper!

As part of the research process, the first step we follow in our content writing procedure is to get into the audience’s mindset. To convince a potential client to sign-up, purchase a product, subscribe to a service or any sort of thing, the first and foremost thing is delivering what the customer wants. This leads to customer satisfaction, and when a customer is happy, we don’t need to tell you that it becomes a piece of cake to sell anything. We, at Lingoease, dig deep into a customer’s mindset, analyze what they expect and craft the content accordingly.

Irresistible First Line!

Ah! This is crucial. As we have already mentioned, an average visitor’s attention span is less than 8 seconds. So, to be on the safe side, we make sure that we pique their interest in less than five seconds. The first line of the content we write induces curiosity in readers, which leaves them wanting more. Just like how dating works! Of course, the to-be customers are on their first date with you, more specifically, your business!

Descriptive Lead!

Lead, also called introduction to your content, must convince the visitors that they’re in the right place to get what they’re looking for. We keep it compelling and teasing to keep the reader interested.

Clear, Concise and Correct!

Everything up to this point was a build-up for the main content. This is it! Here, we serve the customer with exactly what they are looking for, using the most simplistic words and readily digestible content. Not to mention, accurate and trustworthy content! It establishes your reputation as someone they can trust, and you end up adding one more person to your customer base.

All’s Well That Ends Well!

They had the Starter & the Main Course! Now, it’s time for the Dessert! Without sounding like a desperate salesperson, you need to impart a message to the readers that you’re the best in the market in your niche. So, the last paragraph of the content is written to make sure that the reader has had a good time with us and we’re more than happy to collaborate with them.

It’s Not Yet Over!

Well, the content writing part is over, but we’re still not done with our process. To furnish the final content, the last step and in our opinion, a step that should never be skipped is Edit, Revise, Edit, Revise, Edit, Revise until you’re confident that it is perfect!

Before we wrap this up, a quick fact about Lingoease – We produce content in several languages which include Spanish, French, English, Hindi and other Indian regional languages. We’re exploring the possibilities of creating content in a few more languages. Let’s connect and discuss how you and your business can leverage by collaborating with Lingoease!

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