Lingoease is more than just a venture. It is a collaboration between two friends. Vishakha started writing because she loved it. This hobby soon turned into a profession, and she began working as a full-time freelance writer. Aparna had a similar story. Being a researcher, she always had a flair for writing and wanted to do it formally. They soon decided to start something they could call their own.

We have been working together as writers for a few years now and have been friends for longer. Long story short, we wanted to start our own company that deals with content writing and translations. It began as a mere part-time job but turned out to be a full-blown business venture when we decided to join forces and bring out our individual talents to make this vision a success.

We ensure quality and timely delivery of work, and we understand the importance of deadlines.

The idea to venture into our very own startup first came to us both when we were having a telephonic conversation with each other on the fourteenth day of February 2017. Quite an irony, we know! We think that it is not only the clichéd day of love but also a wonderful day to conceive a business plan. We always knew that we were a fantastic team, and working in tandem worked well for both of us. Since the start of this brainchild, it has only grown day by day.

We both have an individual experience of several years, and we figured that if we joined forces, we would be invincible. This collaboration started on 1st March 2017, and that is when we officially launched our website. We have highly trained writers working with us who have been hired after extensive tests and analyses. We offer content writing and translation services. We can translate documents to and from multiple languages for you, including English, French, Spanish, Italian, Hindi, and several other Indian regional languages. In addition to that, our vast experience gives us the liberty to write in almost all niches and genres, ranging from technology, health & lifestyle, sports, online marketing, eBooks, press releases, academic papers, statement of purposes, etc. You name it; we can do it! Also, all the writers who work with us are skilled in different genres, allowing us to ascertain the perfect writer for an assignment so that we can provide the best results possible.

All the assignments that will come through us will go through a series of extensive edits, and proofreadings and no work will reach you without our curation. We believe in perfection, and you can rest assured that the final version you receive will be quality checked and perfect for consumption, so to speak.

We cater to urgent assignments as well as bulk work. If you need an assignment done in a few hours, we can make that possible. Or if you have a requirement of bulk content, say 100 articles, we are the people to ping!

We are very excited about this venture and are optimistic that this collaboration will work out in favor of everybody involved, be it the writers, the clients, or us. We look forward to working with you all!