Blogs Versus Articles: Misconceptions Clarified


With an upsurge in internet marketing, writing blogs and articles have become very popular. All websites aim to publish regular blogs and articles to improve their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) outreach and Google ratings. Hence, it is very lucrative for freelance writers to offer their services as a blog and article writer.

However, many writers often get confused between blog writing and article writing and end up losing clients despite their best efforts. Here are some major differentiating points to help you out in knowing the difference between a blog and an article!

Writing Style

The biggest difference between a blog and an article is that of the writing style. Blogs are more casually written and are opinionated. Authors of blogs can give their own opinion on a given topic and do not need to provide references for it. On the contrary, you cannot have your own views in an article and all the information that is written in your article needs to be well-researched and fact-based. In many cases, you might even be asked to provide references.

Level of Research

When you write a blog, basic research with some common knowledge of the topic is sufficient. However, a lot more is expected from you when you write an article. You need to be very articulate with the information that you put in. Moreover, in-depth research is a must for an article. You also need to refer to multiple reference sources when you write an article. So, if you know how to write an article, you can’t immediately venture into writing a blog as they might seem similar in some aspects, but as a whole, they are entirely different.


When you write a blog, the word count usually ranges between 300-500 words whereas articles can be anything more than 400 words. There is no real word limit for an article. It completely depends on the requirements of the publisher.

Use of Keywords

The primary objective of writing blogs is to enhance the SEO of a website. Therefore, you need to focus a lot on keywords when you write a blog. On the other hand, keywords are not very important when it comes to writing an article. You can choose to insert a few or entirely leave out keywords in an article. Again, it depends on the requirements of the publisher.

Pay Rates

Pay rates for blogs are slightly lower in the market because they do not require the same amount of time and efforts as writing an article. Therefore, for a blog, it may vary between $3 and $8, and for an article, it may range between $5 and $15 per piece.

The difference between a blog and an article doesn’t end there. Since writing a blog is purely based on personal views and tastes, adding occasional humor can also liven up the material. When it comes to writing an article, a publisher might frown upon adding humor or sarcasm to the content. Then again, the freedom of blog writing should not be misused.

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