5 Steps To Choosing The Perfect Content Writer For Your Blog


If you are a blogger, you would know the importance of posting regular blogs to generate more traffic to your website and keep the interest of the people following your blog. When choosing prospective copywriters for your blog, you have a few options; you can either post an ad or do a direct recruiting. After you have shortlisted a set of writers, there are five steps you should always take heed of when the time beckons to choose an ideal writer for your blog:

  1. Have Clear Objectives: When selecting a content writer for your blog, you should have your goals set, and you should know exactly what you are looking for. This helps in choosing the right candidate to complete the job at hand.
  2. Identify and Shortlist A Few Prospective Writers: When selecting from a plethora of distinct writers, you need to look for the writers who meet your expectations and criterion and shortlist the writers Choose wisely and ask for samples to gauge the skills of a writer before hiring him/her in earnest.
  3. Ensure the Writer Knows the Difference Between an Article and A Blog: It is essential that the writer you choose knows the difference between a blog and an article. A blog is usually shorter than an article and more subjective. An article is an objective piece of content aimed to impart knowledge whereas a blog can consist of personal opinions. ​
  4. Check the Availability of The Writer: One of the most important steps is to ensure that the writer you choose has flexible work timings and can adapt to your urgent content requirement. Writers who seem to have a rigid schedule are usually hard to work with, and this is where the incompatibility in a workplace arises. If a writer is reluctant to work according to your needs, reconsider!
  5. Take Points Like Price, Quality and Turnaround Time Under Consideration: When choosing a blogger for your website, make sure that his/her work is quality checked and the writer is well above standard. If you have to keep editing/proofreading a writer’s work, it kinda makes the whole point of hiring somebody moot. Also, the most experienced writers are usually the most expensive so what you need to look for is the right balance between the quality and price. Additionally, the turnaround time is paramount as a writer needs to understand the importance of deadlines and stick to them.

The distinctive feature of a blog is that it doesn’t have to follow the same rules as that of an article. It can be playful, sarcastic or carry any emotion that the author wants to convey in order to connect to the audience. So, when you pick an author for your blog, make sure that he/she can easily connect with the audience rather than giving a lecture.

Lastly, ask a prospective writer for references. Any good ghostwriter should be able to offer referrals to places he/she has worked in before. This will add to the credibility of a writer and ensure you of his/her skills. If you want well-created & original blogs like this one for your website, then Lingoease has an array of experienced blog writers to help you out. Drop an email at lingoease1402@gmail.com and see your ideas come to fruition.

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